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We're a digital agency, but we're also a human agency. Our connection to each other and our clients is the real deal. Located in the creative and fashion center of Tokyo, we can't help but live and breathe the Tokyo's busy business spirit. The vibrancy of our city and the visionary work being done by our neighbors and clients keeps us inspired to break boundaries.


Build brands that go across bordersWe assist you in developing business in Japan through our creative branding and marketing strategies. We aim to be your reliable branding and marketing consultancy, we focus on our clients’ business goals and deliver measurable solutions for online growth and greater brand loyalty.

Our Culture

YOUR DIFFERENCES ARE YOUR POWERMassappeal originally started creating in 2000 as a boutique design studio in Queens, New York, a melting pot where different cultures and ideas coexist and mix. We possess the natural ability to harness the chaos of cross-cultural relations and turn it into ground-breaking new ideas, it’s in our DNA.

We are experts in branding, visual design, and digital marketing. We will organize your message, extract the essence and convey the charm and value of your business or products to your customers in the most effective ways.

Why Us

Simply put, we are the most experienced cross-cultural branding agency in Tokyo, and we are good at this.Based in Tokyo yet working as a team of multicultural members, our strength lies in the ability to communicate with our clients, understand your business problems and plan marketing strategies based on a cross-cultural approach.
We do not just deliver the design and marketing measures that only last for a short time, but our function is building a brand that leads to the sustainable growth of your business in the Japanese market.

Our Creative Minds

Meet the team

Kiyoshi Son Digital Producer
Hello, I’m
Digital Producer / Creative Director
Education: Northeastern University / Massachusetts College of Art

Kiyoshi is originally from Bizen, Okayama the home of “Bizen ware”, one of the oldest forms of Japanese pottery. This had an influence on his respect for the power of art as a form of communication. His international upbringing in schools in Japan, Korea and the US, solidified his identity as a child of the world. This made him appreciate intricacies in the differences between cultures, and more importantly the beauty of our shared humanity.

Kiyoshi majored in graphic design at Northeastern University in Boston. In addition, he also studied various art subjects such as photography and video production at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design.

He worked as an art director at YAR Communications, an advertising agency in New York City, for 5 years. There, the team’s main mission was to provide transcultural creative solutions for non-English speaking markets, mainly for American global brands and financial giants such as Apple, Goldman Sachs, American Airlines, L.L. Bean and Citibank. He learned what it takes to deliver a brand’s message across different cultures.

While still working for the agency, he started MeToo, an independent creative boutique, in New York City. He designed websites and brochures for small local businesses, firms and professional individuals in the New York area. Working with a small sized theatrical performance company, local shops, law offices, clinics, gave him a whole new perspective towards advertising and marketing. It was truly an intriguing experience to find out that a little thing that his design team created could cause a huge difference in their clients’ figures and performance, ultimately bringing them joy.

He returned to Japan in 2002 and reopened his creative studio which he then renamed “Massappeal”. Our focus was clear from the very beginning. We help international companies, regardless of their locations; to approach Japanese and Pacific Asia region customers in more effective ways. We consider ourselves a forerunner in cross-cultural branding and marketing in Tokyo. So rest assured we’ll deliver your vision to your audiences, without it being lost in translation.

Becky Co-Director / Business Strategist
Hello, I’m
Co-Director / Business Strategist
Education: Tokyo Institute of Technology
Experience: Asst. Professor, University of Tokyo

Becky heads up our business planning arm and is an important strategic voice in the business. She is a true “maverick” as she has a special talent for creatively using unconventional ways of thinking to create novel ideas in business development.

She earned her doctorate degree in mechanical engineering from Tokyo Institute of technology. Her drive and ambition lead her to be the youngest international female ever to become an assistant professor in University of Tokyo.

Her enthusiasm for business development is evident as she has had the role of lead business developer in her previous jobs. Her reputation has resulted in her directing a ground-breaking renewable energy consulting venture that she joined as one of the founders.

Becky’s proven expertise adds value to the quality of service that we provide to our clients. Ultimately, all of our solutions are about helping our clients’ business to grow and move up to the next level.

Makoto Son Art Director / Brand Designer
Hello, I’m
Art Director / Brand Designer
Education: Kyoto Seika University

Makoto Son is a versatile designer with the ability to deliver the perfect solution in various design styles. His professional artistry covers not only the print media but extends to package design, character design and digital media design. His talent shines through with his signature bold, color rich, crisp designs.

Makoto found his calling pretty early while attending an international high school, his art teacher noticed his exceptional talent in design and strongly recommended that he pursue a career in that field. And he did just that.

After completing his studies in visual design at Kyoto Seika University, he acquired rich experience developing branding strategies for major brands of various industries at a design agency in Osaka.

In 2002 he moved to Tokyo where he worked as an art director at DDB Japan which was then one of the most famous American advertising agencies. There, he lead number of brand promotion projects for global corporations including P&G. And since 2010 we’ve been lucky to have him as a part of the team here at Massappeal.

As it once was a teacher that started him on his journey of design, Makoto is now molding a new generation of artists as he teaches regularly at an art college in a suburb of Tokyo. His expertise and experience has been a great asset to our clients.

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